EN: The main idea was to showcase Russia, its history, its people, their inventions and what Russia has already left and continues to leave as its own mark on the entire world via the unique Russian alphabet, and what people in other countries, even Russians themselves sometimes do not even recognize as their very own. 

We used lots of different visual techniques to complete this patchwork blanket into a complete whole as much as it was realistically possible, as the palette of events, people, things and concepts were dispersed as massively and diversely and sometimes as much contradictory as Russia itself. 

We chose the technology of fully synthetic image, full CG, except for the lead-girl and a few other details to even brighter and more convexly showcase this unusual journey. 


Creative Directors: Konstantin Ernst, Anton Nenashev
Producers: Konstantin Ernst, Anton Nenashev

Director: Anton Nenashev
Art-direction: Anton Nenashev, Alex Mikhaylov
Production “Amber” 
DOP: Pavel Kapinos

Producers: Irina Silina, Elena Orlova, Anna Borsheva
Costume Designer: Ekaterina Kotova, Vasilisa Gusarova
MUA&Hair: Anna Khomenko
1AD: Boris Osipenko

Producer assistant: Yana Sosnovskaya
Music: Alexander Knyazev
Postproduction/VFX company: "Nenashev" (tm)
CG Supervisor/VFX producer: Anton Nenashev, Andrew Zelenin
Sketches/3D artist/composer: Vitaly Yakin 

Lead 3D artist: Sergey Movchan 
3D artist/composer: Pavel Skalkin 
3D artist/composer: Alexei Cheprakov 
3D artist/composer: Max Chelyadnikov 
R&D/3D artist/composer Arseny Gutov 
Scripting/3D artist/composer: Michael Ivanov 
3D artist/composer: Roman Senko 
3D artist: Alexander Sokolov

2D artist/composer: Larisa Misyukova 
Matte paint/2D artist/composer: Olga Antonenko 
2D artist/composer Alexander Fedukovich 
Technical support: Alexey Pronin
"Cat unit"
Cat Dop: Nikita Popkovs
Cat Assistance: Deniss Kotegovs

Phrometheus sculpture by: Roman Krasnitsky
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