New  smartphone Samsung GALAXY ALPHA

The smartphone is  distinguished by stylish design. Fine body is in a metal casing. On the casing there is a special hollow  for a hand, and sides  which  reflect light, creating a shine on the edges of the phone. The back panel is stylized – it’s perceived either as leather or as metal.

The purpose and objectives of the roller 
The modern smartphone announcement. The demonstration of the smartphone  characteristic properties – it’s stylish elegant design, a fine body and a metal casing.
The main idea of ​​the roller

The phone appears from time - from a second hand (seconds). We see how all the new smartphone design elements are gradually formed.
The type of the roller:
Realistic 3D graphics: energetic, stylish, design, enigmatic

  Samsung GALAXY ALPHA (non commercial version)
Client: Samsung Electronics
Agency: Cheil Russia
Production: Focus Films Moscow
Producer: Eugenia Alvarez
Executive Producer: Sergey Kozyrev
Postproduction: Nenashev TM (CGI Studio)
Art-Director: Anton Neneashev
Supervisor, design, sketches, modeling, animation, RND, lighting, rendering, compose: Vitaliy Yakin
Project manager: Nikita Pichugov
Sound Production/Design: OAK Project
Modeling: WIREFRAME Studio

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