Planet Earth. See in Tomorrow
d o c u m e n t a r y   f i l m
Let`s image how the world will turn out in the not very far future. How computer will predict and eliminate emergency cases before it will be too late. We helped authors of the film create digital double of famous Russian showman Valdis Pelsh and let him in this journey to the future to explore and try to predict how will it turn out with technologies humanity is developing nowadays.
Enjoy the full length movie available on YouTube. It`s absolutely free. 
Audio is in Russian but feel free to use subtitles with English translation.
The most challenging part in this show was to create digital double of the well known famous TV broadcaster Valdis Pelsh. The goal was to integrate him in the CG locations where he explains some `HOW TOs`. In one studio we recorded some body mocaps and in another one we did facial performance capture(see below). There is also digitizer effect on top of this CGI character make him look more natural in those scenes we put him.

real time performance with optimized grid
We don`t see the body of our actor but we see the closing a lot. So it was very important to get quick cloth sims. Enjoy some of our early test)
cloths simulation early test
Since we`ve got all animations and cloths simulations we moved to the next step - stylizing our character to fit him in our futuristic sci-fi locations in more natural way. 
The solution was transforming our finally shaded character into a kind of holographic image consisting of particles as a kind of volumetric pixel display. Enjoy some style frames at look development stage.
final version of cloths simulation with UI and motion graphics to check before shooting it to render
VFX breakdown
Locations | UI | Concept Art
particle wave transition test
implementation of transition
"Brest" reactor
quantum computer
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