The presentation of Renault R.S. 18 became one of the most thrilling events at the beginning of 2018. Instead of an offline performance, the French car manufacturer released a series of videos on the website, celebrating the combination of historical achievements and modern development. 
Renault R.S. 18 was designed by the Renault Sport Formula One Team. Nick Chester, Martin Tolliday and Pete Machin were working on the chassis. The beautiful creation by Renault was driven by Nico Hülkenberg and Carlos Sainz Jr.
Mondlicht Studios joined forces with Vitaliy Yakin and Denis Kilty to create a passionate personal project for this stunning racing car. We wanted to celebrate the achievements of the legendary car manufacturer and emphasize the technological perfection of the car. 
Also, we prepared a scene from the project for free download

Hope, you’ll enjoy!




Idea and scenario - Vitaliy Yakin, Dmitriy Glazyrin
Design, Rendering, 3D Models - MONDLICHTSTUDIOS

Design, Animation, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing - Vitaliy Yakin
Composer and sound design - Denis Kilty (

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